Whether it is for aviation, marine, industrial, utility or unmanned vehicles, the world needs to transition to more environmentally friendly, more fuel efficient and more cost-effective engines.

The engine type of choice, of course, is the diesel.

Modern diesel power provides a number of significant advantages over gasoline engines:

  • New-generation diesel engines typically deliver much better fuel economy for the same horsepower output
  • New-generation diesel engines provide far more torque to the driveshaft at lower RPMs
  • Diesel-type fuels are some of the most efficient and energy dense fuels available delivering more power for each ignition cycle
  • New-generation diesel engines can run on diesel and bio-diesel fuels
  • Diesels have no spark plugs or distributors, so they never need ignition tune-ups
  • Diesel engines are built more ruggedly to withstand the stresses of higher, more efficient compression
  • New-generation diesel engines produce far fewer harmful emissions